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  • How do I place a pick-up order?
    Easy! Head over to and select the location where you'd like to order. You can also order through our Ruba app.
  • How do I place a delivery order?
    We work with all major delivery partners! This means that can get your Ruba fix at Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Takeaway.
  • I didn't receive my delivery order. What now?
    Please contact the delivery partner you have ordered through to trace your order. Ruba has no control over orders that are placed through external delivery partners, we cannot trace or refund these orders since it didn't go through us directly. In most cases, your order will be cancelled and you'll be refunded. Afterwards, you can just place a new order!
  • My delivery order was incomplete.
    Our apologies for the inconvenience! We do our best to double check receipts and to minimise mistakes as good as we can, but our team is also only human.. To receive your missing products, please contact the delivery partner to request a follow-up delivery.
  • I made a double payment on or Ruba app.
    Please send us your full name + order number asap on our contact form. This way, we can process your refund asap. Once we receive your mail, your refund will be processed within 3-5 working days.
  • I accidentally ordered for the wrong location. What now?
    No worries! Please contact us asap regarding this mistake. To prevent our team from making the order. Leuven 016 414 014 - Ghent 0493 79 73 80 - Antwerp 03 3 86 25 16 For your refund, please fill in our contact form. First select the location where you placed the wrong order, then as category select 'Problem with my order'. Finally, you can place a new order at the right location.
  • Where can I find the ingredients and allergen information?
    Glad you asked! You can find all the allergen information on our order pages. Just click on the product you'd like to know the allergen information of and the allergens will appear under the name of the product. See steps below. Want a full overview of the allergens? Click here!
  • Is the produce at Ruba Halal?
    Yes, both our chicken and steak are halal. Certificates can be requested at each restaurant location.
  • Are all the vegetables and fruits fresh?
    The vast majority of our fruits and veggies are fresh and delivered to our restaurants daily! Our team washes, cuts and prepares them in house every single day. A number of products we acquire are however pre-prepped or canned. The reason of this, is that these products require too much labour to prepare in house and that would force us to increase our prices. We don't find this necessary since the difference in taste of these few products are not significantly different. Ruba is always transparant in these matters and we will always be. Hence our open kitchens!
  • Are Ruba's bowls the same as 'Poké Bowls'?
    To keep it short, no. A 'Poké Bowl" is a national Hawaiian dish that usually consists out of raw fish, maui onions, inamona, green onions and sesame oil. All products that Ruba does not offer. Ruba has been created out of the will to bring people closer to healthy & fresh food. To combine ingredients in the best possible way to create bowls that are high in both nutrition and flavour!
  • Are the take-out and eat-in portions the same size?
    Approximately, yes! The take-out regular bowl contains around 800ml and the eat-in bowls contain 900ml. As for the large bowls, both take-out and eat-in contains around 1200 ml.
  • What's the difference between a regular and large size?
    The regular bowl contains around 800/900 ml and the large bowl contains around 1200 ml.
  • Can I change the ingredients in my standard bowl?
    Of course! But keep in mind that you can only make changes per category. For example, you can change and ingredient with an ingredient but not a supplement with a premium.
  • Which sauces are vegan?
    Our current vegan sauces are: Smoked BBQ, Fresh Lemon Squeeze, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sriracha Hot Sauce
  • How can I apply for a job at Ruba?
    Simple! Just fill in the form on our website. Select the location you would like to work at and fill in the necessary fields. We will contact you as soon as a position opens up. Keep in mind, because of the great amount of applications coming in, it is not possible for us to respond to every single inquiry. However, we'll do our best!
  • Can I choose my working days?
    Students have the possibility to choose their working days, on a weekly basis. Every week, you have to give in your availabilities for the next week through our custom and handy employee app!
  • How long are the student shifts?
    The student shifts vary between 4 hours up to a maximum 6 hours.
  • What times are the student shifts?
    The times of the shifts may vary from week to week for student team members. The morning shifts are usually from either 10 am to 2 or 4 pm. The evening shifts are usually from either 4 - 6 pm to 9:30pm. You can select your shifts on a weekly basis. More information will be given to you by the restaurant manager.
  • Is there a minimum amount of shifts per week?
    Yes, we ask for a minimum availability of two shifts per week for students. At the end of the month, we expect students to have worked at least 8 times. If students are frequently unavailable to work, they will be removed from the team.
  • I would like to sell my product at Ruba!
    That's awesome! Please send us information about the product you represent to We require all the necessary information about your product through mail, before we schedule a face-to-face to discuss the possibilities. This is due to the high amount of inquiries.
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