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Catering Is Here

Bringing Healthy & Fresh food to any event or gathering.


Order for catering
Online & Easy

Why Ruba Catering?


Choose from a variety of healthy dishes.

From bowls and sides to toasts and soups.


Whether you want to order for tomorrow, next week or next month, it's all possible. 


Place your order 24 hours in advance and choose whether you would like pick-up or delivery.

Order online our reach out through our contact form.



1. How do I place a catering order?

You can place your catering order here. On the top left you can select how you'd like to order.

Then select either 'Delivery' or 'Pick-Up', the location and time.

2. Do you deliver?

Yes, we do! For orders above 150 euro we deliver within a 10 km range from any of our restaurants.

3. Can I pick up my catering order?

Of course! Pick-up catering is available for orders above 100 euro. For orders below this amount, you can easily order through our standard order platform or app.

4. What is the minimum order value?

For delivery orders € 150 and pick-up orders € 100. For pick-up orders under this amount, please order through our standard order platform or app.

5. Can I receive a business invoice?

Of course! Just add to the order notes that you'd like to receive an invoice.

You'll get the invoice through mail after the order is processed.

6. Does Ruba serve the food on location?

Unfortunately not! However, Ruba's food is always ready to serve! All you need is a pair of utensils (which we'll gladly deliver.

7. When is catering available?

Catering is available during our opening hours. This is 11 am to 21 pm for all of our restaurants.

8. Can I place an order for the same day?

All orders must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. If the store is able to make your catering order, you will receive a confirmation email within 12 - 48 hours confirming acceptance.

9. Who can I reach regarding my catering order?

Please reach out to the restaurant where you have placed your catering order.

Through mail you'll reach the restaurant manager and by phone you'll be forwarded to the restaurant staff.


Tel: 016 414 014 


Tel: 0493 79 73 80


Tel: 03 3 86 25 16

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